Practice Areas

Notary Public, Registration and Real Estate Law

Our firm conducts due diligence and provides valuable legal advice in connection with real estate transactions such as the purchase and sale of property, transfer of property, payment of capital with property, lease, built to suit, and real estate investment fund.
We provide counsel and advice on legal and legislative matters to notary publics, registrants and their associations. 
Our lawyers keep pace with the new developments on notary public laws and regulations issued by Brazil’s House of Representatives and State and Federal Senates.
We also play an active role with the Brazilian National Council of Justice (local acronym CNJ) and are committed to keeping up with the new matters and regulations concerning notary publics, registrants and their associations.
Our firm provides legal opinions, technical notes and legal reports on a variety of legal matters of interest to notary publics, registrants and their associations.
We counsel our clients on the preparation and signing of deeds, powers of attorney, certificates and any other documents to be registered with the office of the notary public and registry of commerce.
Our lawyers are often asked to advise on request of information processes initiated by registrants and related matters.